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 Leaflet war unleashed by party candidates in Noida
Posted by News Desk on 2012-02-25 18:01:32  

Noida: As the election campaigning for Noida assembly elections is nearing its end,  candidates in fray are making every possible effort to appease the city voters. Apart from using electronic and modern media for advertising the candidates are sticking up to take the help of traditional method of distributing leaflets as well. It seems that the candidates have unleashed a war against each other in lavishly distributing leaflets to every nook and corner of the city with an objective to be heard by maximum number of people.


One can easily find bunch of leaflets from different political parties carrying messages, appeals and promises they will fulfill after being elected. The leaflets are filled with numerous assurances from the candidates to the top leaders of the corresponding political parties. The leaflets are available into various shapes and sizes depending upon the reach of the parties. Bigger the parties the bigger the size of leaflets as the list of promises are bigger.


The leaflets are the cheapest and easiest means of advertising and they can be distributed easily with newspapers and easy in garnering attention of the readers. The language and slogans are printed in the leaflets are short and crisp. 


Now let’s take a look at some of the leaflets from the candidates of some bigger as well as the smaller political parties.


The leaflet of Bhartiya Janta Party is sternly criticising the Congress, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party for reducing the employment in the state. The leaflet also promises to give a sincere government that will work for the vested interest of the public.


BSP’s candidate Omdutt Sharma for Noida assembly seat has highlighted the milestones that Mayawati government has achieved the in last five years of governance. The party promises to continue the good work in future as well.


The candidate of Jankranti Party is urging Noidaites to press the button number 14 beside the symbol of an ‘almirah’ on a sample of ballot of EVM. The yellow coloured leaflet also carries short description about the achievements and qualification of the candidate on the social front.


Leaflet of Janata Dal (U), the party of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar carries a slogan to change the condition of UP on the model of Bihar by choosing their party.


   Independent candidates are also not lagging behind and took the help of leaflets to draw the attention of their presence in the minds of the voters. One of the independent candidates Arun Kumar Saigal, whose election symbol is ‘envelope’ has released a leaflet in the shape of an envelope carrying information on different voting options that is the type of ID proof one needs to carry while voting if not the voter ID card.


Whether the candidates contesting election for the Noida assembly seat will be a good politician or not, is a matter of time, but one thing is for sure that all are very good at blowing their own trumpet. It will be interesting to watch whether the trumpeting notice will ultimately win public’s heart on the day of voting on February 28? 


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