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  "We are gifted with two eyes with a purpose"
2012-10-18 14:00:45
By Dr. BS Goel    We have been gifted with two eyes with a purpose. The eyes are centrally placed so both can look at an object simultaneously. The aim is that we get a panoramic view of world and landscape around us and increase our...Read More
  Coalgate: Like in fiction, so in reality
2012-09-08 17:02:22
By:  Mubashir Bukhari We all know movies are the mirror of our society and they highlight the issues which concerns large number of people in our country. Be it murder mysteries or biopics or Political thrillers, Bollywood has always been th...Read More
  Marathi Manoos or Bihari Bandhu? Thackerays find themselves in a tight spot
2012-09-06 17:12:33
It couldn’t get more embarrassing for the Thackerays. The clan that has driven Shiv Sena formed in 1996 on the ideology that Maharashtra belongs to the Marathi community and migrants should be driven out, today has to clarify whether they are ...Read More
  Can today`s TV stars re-write history & become movie stars??
2012-08-11 13:08:41
[MONOJIT LAHIRI, in year 2012, wonders …]   As Vicky Donor zooms past a three hundred percent ROI Box Office collection [and still counting] and Bittoo Boss too, makes impressive inroads, there is a new buzz in B-town circles.&...Read More
2012-08-03 15:22:03
[MONOJIT LAHIRI examines this sensitive and delicate space and realizes that the question appears to be … rhetorical!] Forget Sabu, the Elephant Boy from our land who made such big waves in Hollywood as a cute, disarming, oriental characte...Read More
  EXIT-THE KING OF ROMANCE!!! (1942 2012)
2012-07-27 14:34:34
Rajesh Khanna – who left us on Wed, 18th July 2012 – was neither an actor nor a star.  He was a phenomenon!  Coined appropriately by the Stardust gang [where I was visiting faculty!] in the early 70’s, it superbly defined...Read More
  Probable answers of unanswerable questions
2012-05-21 17:28:04
Kabir Bhatnagar(KB) Women can`t help being Inquisitive, they are born with this annoying trait, at-least most of the men think so. But you can`t deny the fact; it is a man who evokes a certain degree of curiosity among women.  However unansw...Read More
  Aamir hits right chord with his debut on idiot box
2012-05-06 17:03:55
By: Avinash Sharma I was in dilemma throughout this entire week about how Aamir’s debut show Satyamev Jayate will be like? Considering the personality and stature of Mr. Perfectionist I was pretty sure that the show would present somethin...Read More
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